‘The luxury is in the details’ Ironmongery : the Haute couture in Luxury living

The luxury is in the details.

This is what I found when browsing the web for inspiration… The luxury is in the details. I agree with Hubert de Givenchy and yes, he is a Man. I also agree with the fact that a woman need beautiful earrings and nice shoes. Maybe that’s why women love shoes, because they love details, because for us little things matter the most …but is this just a women ‘thing’? Is it just us when we think about matching the wallpaper in the bedroom with the towels from the master bathroom? If so… that explains why more than 70% of the designers we work with are women. Because they love jewellery, they have more shoes than you will ever expect and they know that luxury is in the details.

I could be mistaking, but then again… who doesn’t love beautiful details?

In the world of interiors luxury is a feeling, is a soft touch and when you feel the embrace you will never want to let it go. It is the touch, the smell the colours the joy, the bling, the velvet’s, the mirrors, the brass handles, the silver, the gold, the chandeliers, the silk rugs… all made by the best for the best. That is all about feelings … I think you want to feel special as much as I want to and this is what interior design offers. This is an industry that will grow together with the society and it will move like fashion…. Interior design is a way of living.

Furniture handles and door knobs are the most exciting luxury details that you can add in your interior. Even if you don’t have a sumptuous bespoke wardrobe unit, you can always add the value with a brass handle like the delicate Roch Or the mysterious Keia. You will never fail to add delight to your eyes with a beautiful contemporary handle.

Architectural ironmongery is the best way to say: I want the best. Ironmongery is the new furniture jewellery, bar handles are something more than lines, they are brass-ware embroidery and contemporary metal sculptures with a practical purpose.

Architectural hardware is the Haute couture in Luxury living.

Luxury is by definition:

a material object, service, etc., conducive to sumptuous living, usually delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity.


Luxury for me is a way of living. Luxury is fashion that will never go out of style.