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Interview with Ricky Ferrari | insights

We recently had the privilege of visiting one of the many properties that Ricky Ferrari redesigned. Calm and full of knowledge, charismatic and artistic, he kindly agree to share some insights of interior design process.

Ricky, could you tell us how you found your passion for interior design ?

I would say I’ve always had a passion even from a young boy I was always rearranging my bedroom coordinating my décor with toys and placing them strategic places to make them look exciting. Growing up I was always fascinated in houses and their interiors. My Father had a big house when I was growing but he was never “House Proud” and often just fixed things when needed, I don’t recall him ever decorating to improve or enjoy the home. I would always fantasise when living at home about how I would make that house beautiful. Years later I did.

Through your entire experience of more than 17?!  years as an interior designer, what do you think it is the hardest things about being an interior designer?

I would say one of the hardest parts is totally understanding the client’s brief which in most cases can be somewhat limited and gaining their utmost trust in your vision.

I know you have a soft spot for bathroom design. What would you say that are most important steps to follow when planning your bathrooms?

Understand the main users of the bathroom, so if it’s a Family Bathroom I’ll look at very practical schemes but if it’s a private en-suite then I would be more inclined to design a tranquil and more bespoke haven for that “Me Time” escape.

We recently added and developed new products and we worked together in many projects. What would you say that makes Goodwyn London different than other manufactures you worked with in the past?

Goodwyn are very unique, they offer a very personal service. They evoke Luxury with Quality.  Their designs are “on the pulse” with current trends.

Do you think that London market sets the trends in interior design ? Tell us more about what makes the #London look so special.

London is the “Hub” in many aspects from commerce, Architecture and more importantly to  Interior Designs. There is definitely a North-South divide in terms of design too. I often have clients from the North of the country coming to London for design meetings where I can visit suppliers which have choices that are not available to them locally.

As one of the leaders in setting the trends, could you tell us what materials will become more popular and more present in luxury interiors over the next years?

There are some Man-made hard materials are now  becoming a “go to product” as the replication of natural materials have come a long way and more cost effective and practical. In terms of finishes I see a lot of bronze , copper and gun metals which are in vogue.