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How to find and keep emotional balance

It’s been quite a year , 2016 oh boy oh boy I don’t know about you but I have this feeling that 2017 is going to be a great one. I therefore decided to pass the year sober, being a driver for my husband and friends. Best idea ever, this is what my other half thinks anyway…!

First of all, nobody could actually tell if I was sober or not because they had no idea what I was drinking. When asked, I replied by saying ‘Mate, I drink the most precious drink of all’ … (I can tell you that’s called water)

Then I realised that I don’t feel different than any other time of when I was drinking. So strange… how does this work and how come for the first time I actually had no pleasure in drinking… at all?!

I believe that you can actually have the same feeling even if you don’t drink or smoke or do other chemically harmful things to your body.

Finding emotional balance and feeling true to yourself is probably the first step in being happy without any ‘exterior’ help.

It is proved that the human body has the power of memorizing and replicating the same feelings over and over once a stimuli activates the memory of that feeling.

As an example I can talk about some sweets that you eat as you were a child and how eating them now, brings up memories and feelings. It is the same as smelling a familiar perfume and suddenly remembering a person or a period of your life. Beautiful, right?

I strongly recommend you to ‘taste’ just the good happy feelings and to focus on the positive moments all the time as your brain will learn to behave as you tell him to behave.

As an exercise, the next time you are at a party, had a bit of an alcohol and you are in that perfect state of mind that you think works for you try to:

Remember 10 seconds of this feeling, try to memorise it and store it somewhere in your mind. Try to feel how you feel, if this makes any sense….Try to feel your body, to examine the way you breathe, the way you move and react to what surrounds you and to grab that feeling and imagine putting it in a bottle and then lock it up like a Gini in a bottle.

You can try this exercise with every happy moment you have and want to store, to return in the same state of mind. It is not easy to focus and to be aware of yourself at the beginning but only awareness brings answers.

Maybe it’s the nature that made you remember, maybe it’s just something you tasted or felt, no matter what that is you always have the power to choose what you bring to your conscience mind. You might as well take advantage of this.

So if you have the choice of what you want to bring to your life, you might as well remember the good times.

There are many ways to activate your feelings and be in touch more with yourself, your true self, one of this ways is through meditation and breathing exercises. This is a helpful way to relax and enjoy life as it is.

Find ways to be grateful and the universe will give you the feeling of fluffiness and prosperity. Don’t worry, the universe always find a way to bring the same feeling you project.


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