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Hey Babes, Where did you get your furniture handles from?!

Hey Babes, Where did you get your furniture handles from?!

This is what he asked me as I was presenting the furniture to one of my friends. I then turned to him and said: Goodwyn London, where else?!

We both stood next to the unit and had a good long look at gold reflections that hit the dark oak background. It was something familiar in that shine. It was like I have seen it before and touched the gentile shapes of the brass embroidery. I wonder what his first thought was. Why did he asked me and has he ever touched this before?

Then he said something and we both laughed. Nothing special but it kept me smiling. It was the shine, the feeling that everting is possible next to him in front of that two Coco handles.

This is a simple example that marketing can have different shapes and forms and nowadays everything you studied in university is already expired. We run in a moving environment and the only way to sell is to grow your creativity and be fast at it.

Can furniture handles be sexy if you promote them that way?!

Can any product change his shape and meaning only by using some words? Who doesn’t know the famous words: A diamond is forever ? Do you know who come up with this? A very good marketing mind! Frances Gerety.

Everting has an expiry date, including myself and guess what?! If you don’t upgrade yourself nobody else will do it for you! For example, your iphone5 is already expired, therefore the value decreases as time passes. When you finished university you were the newest version of iPhone, but how many new and better versions of you are already out there?

This is the moment to learn more to do more and to be better than yesterday. Every day is a challenge and every day is a chance of learning something new: read, meditate, learn about yourself, teach yourself and bring into your life what you need exactly when you need it. Create your own marketing tools and sell yourself through your products.

Here at Goodwyn London, we design a feeling, a concept and we offer a state of mind. We are different and we are not afraid to show it.


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