Furniture handles, the new trend in home jewellery


It’s been a fact that style changes, trends move and most of the time they are just moving inside a circle.

For the last few years designers seem to prefer less handles and more gloss on the furniture. The grey/beige trend is now faded as we are more than bored in seeing the same tones on non-colours in all of your bespoke projects. I understand that is easy to match and your colour boards are bolted to the wall changed but time has come to say YES to colour, YES to positive creativity, yes to wanting to be unique, yes to being different.  Somebody needs to say it …

Last, straight from the oven, interior trends are favouring furniture handles, now considered to be the must have jewellery in every prestigious interior.

Considered a luxury accessory, the cabinet handles and knobs are most of the time made out of various materials as brass, stainless steel, copper and many more. Sometimes they are a simple furniture accent and sometimes they can become statement pieces with intriguing designs.

It seems that the growing presence of handles in the furniture industry is also becoming a safe and easy way to dress up your current furniture. More and more renovations are made and recent studies say that metal inserts in interior designs projects are increasing the property value as people consider metal as a luxury add on. It seems that we will always value a tiny bit of ‘bling’ in our homes.

The fact is that trend is establish by no rule and we are always on the run for more and more.

We predict that copper is growing fast and we will find the elegant material more and more in our designer’s projects. This however will have a massive price increase in the next few years.


Brass is the new ‘black’ in luxury design. That’s a fact… and what easier way to use it if not in furniture accessories?