5 wishes for New Year 2017 in Business

5 wishes for New Year 2017 in Business

Nothing compares with the good old Christmas time…it is like an old wine, like the eyes of a puppy when he is staring at you because he can’s say I love you in any other way. Have you ever wondered why we feel the way we feel now that we are getting closer and closer? Well… I think the Christmas spirit is like a flue…once you sneeze you send it out there and it dose not take long for other people to get it. How can you not be joyful when you see all the lights? When you smell the winter cold and listen to carols and think about what gifts will make your close ones smile?

Finally, half an hour of silence. My manicure is done, I only need to buy few more presents and that’s it! BYE-BYE 2016… Helllooo 2017

When I was little I always had wishes for the year to come, always to become better, smarter, taller… and my greatest wish of all: to be admired.

I wasn’t pretty, no long hair no big blue eyes but one think I didn’t want is to be average. For me average it was worse than beeing ugly. At least you have an excuse… I have one of those faces that people will not remember… so I had to find another way to become less average. To make people remember me.

Finding my passion:

If you are lucky enough you will find it when you are young when you have a pure heart and the society will not dictate you because you don’t even know what the word society means anyway.

You just like doing it and you can spend hours and hours without getting bored. Guess what? You are preparing for a job…. but you now have the power to make that job a passion, to be excited about what will you do next day, to have the thrill in finding something that inspires you that makes you grow.

Now you are a grown up, like me .. having a boring job is a state of mind… you don’t even complain anymore. You accept it, you feel fulfilled if you are lucky enough to have few colleagues at work that you actually enjoy seeing every day.

-Man, I have the most amazing people around me and they are smarter than me and I learn every day new things and they learn from me! Love it, Love my job….

I bet that’s something that you would call it luck… yeah he is lucky (lucky bastard)

Well, the good thing is that you don’t hear this so often and you can consider luck just the fact that you don’t feel disgusted by your co-workers and you can actually coexist with them for 9 hours per day.

And what is the deal with this job interviews … Don’t you find it strange that you don’t actually meet the people that you will spend most of your life with before accepting a job? Oh, that freaks me out and every time I changed my job I prayed for nice colleagues instead of a big bonus.

Part of having your own business is the pleasure and skill of meeting and finding the right people to fight with you, to laugh, to eat, to create, to sell next to you and to believe in your dreams like nothing else matters.

Wish No 1:

God, source of energy, and creator please give me power to find the right people to fight with, to laugh, to eat, to create, to sell next to and to believe in their dreams like nothing else matters.

Wish No 2:

2017, give me prosperity, give me the chance to succeed, the force to earn battles, give me more ups than downs.

Wish No 3:

New year, give me sanity, give me the power to judge, to make the right decisions and to be fair and to have faith, faith in the universe that not only will bring me more happiness, but faith that I can help others and I can help myself in becoming a better person day by day.

Wish No 4:

Dear New Year, give me the same power of rebirth that you give to a flower, to grow from a seed to blossom and to give more seeds to the earth. Give me power to give back.

Wish No 5:

Give all around me the power to believe that dreams do come true and to take action to make them come true, as we cannot grow apart, in the same way that a flower cannot grow without help from others.


And now, few days before 2017 I find myself thankful for what this year gave me, a new beginning, few failures and lots of new friends that have the same will to grow. I can’t say it has been a bad year nor a good one but I this year I started a business. This is a first step in helping others by helping myself. I could not have done this without you, without you believing that I can do it. I will not let you down as I will not let myself down.

I wish you something also: I wish that you will not be average, I wish you to succeed and to become stronger every day. I wish you joy and happiness just like in the song… I hope that your dreams will come true and I hope you will have more strength to follow them. I wish for you to fall in love every day with your job and your job to be one with your passion. I wish you prosperity and smiles, loads of smiles. I hope you will find time just for yourself, just an hour to be grateful for what this year brought to your life, the good and the bad, and to think about how you will prosper in the year to come.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

And I mean it!

Warm regards,