10 Simple Ways To Find Emotional Balance

Have you ever felt you have lost your mojo? Your inspiration? Your momentum?

Where has it gone? Is this gone forever?! Will you ever feel like you could move the mountains again and hit your first million one more time, Again and Again? There is nothing quite like the first million, the first kiss, the first love, the first … well you know what I mean.

My dear friends, you beautiful people, the way to rise is to fall first. There is no better way to gain your inspiration then falling and rising again and again. So when you will feel down, enjoy it. This is the only time that you can feel sorry about yourself.

Enjoy the downs because… they do not last forever and be glad to have them because you should know in your heart that if you are down today, tomorrow you will rise again.

This is one of the universal laws: What comes up must come down.

As my friend Hardeep, one of the best former colleagues I ever worked with, put it:

“We are all biological computers”

I feel it every day. When I wake up at the same hour. I feel it when I go to work. I feel it when I eat and when I breathe. Can we change our hardware? Can we tune into a different frequency and explore what life has to give?

It takes a low period to lift yourself up and we all need the bad times because these are the times that we have access to our hardware and this is the best time to attune it towards what it is that we really want.

I will share with you 10 simple strategies that I use personally to lift myself up in the times when my inspiration is lost and my motivation is down. I’m not saying these strategies will work 100% of the time, but they help to guide me onwards:

1) When you are DOWN, The Only Way Is UP

Think about the happiness that will follow just because you are down today. Accept the moment and live the present as you should enjoy the happy moments. The measuring scale of happiness is in the present, not the future nor the past.

2) Exercise. For Just 30 Minutes.

This is an easy one. Going for a run for just 30 minutes will stimulate dopamine release, a substance that will push your body to feel happier. There is scientific proof that exercise alleviates low mood and the symptoms of depression. This simple truth will aid your understanding of two things: how your body works and how to reset it. Knowledge is everything.

3) Drink Water To Remove Toxins.

Not because it is healthy. Not because everybody tells you that drinking water is good, but because you understand the reason why it is good to drink it. When you are down, your body is full of toxins. This affects the natural energy field around your body, projecting negative energy and charging everything you touch with the same negativity. To reset, you need to eliminate those toxins by passing water through sweat and urine.

This is why you should drink more water when you feel down, to eliminate toxins.

4) Allow Some Time.

When you are toxic or other people in your life are in a bad mood, give them or yourself 2-3 hours to let things pass. Do not make decisions or react for 2-3 hours after receiving bad news. Avoid making things worse by making  poor decisions.

5) Force Yourself to Smile.

Another easy one proven by scientific research. The human body gives signals to the brain and when you smile, even when you don’t feel happy, you send your brain a feel good message. Think of it as sending a text that reads: ‘I feel good therefore I smile’

Be aware of your body’s chemical reactions and learn to control them. Awareness brings answers.

6: Surround Yourself with Inspirational People…

People that you admire, that are successful and follow the same path.

Imagine yourself as a baby. Back then the way you learn’t was by watching what other people did and through imitation. As humans we are programmed from an early age to imitate the images that the eye captures. Be aware that we are biological computers programmed to learn from all things that are surrounding us. We never stop learning and we can only learn what we want to learn by visualising and experiencing the things we want.

7: …Then Study The Secrets of Their Success.

If for example you would like to become a billionaire, and you do not have friends that are already billionaires, you can also learn by observation: Study the life they live, the principles, the work ethic, read the books about them and what they wrote, see what they were doing when they were at your stage of life. Don’t focus on who or what they are today. Instead, study how they got there from your own position in life.

The power of video and audio content is very powerful! You can teach yourself, to hear and feel and visualise the life you want to live. To exercise as much as they do, to copy their routines. You can even taste the food they eat!

Remember: we are all biological computers but the good thing about it is that you can programme your software to achieve what you really want and what you really desire. Find inspiration in your image and study of perfection.

8: Throw Away Your Television.

You have to power to choose what you see, what your mind will process and how you value your time. So think about what television and mainstream media truly brings to your life. What do you choose to see? Remember you are the only one responsible for yourself, to choose what you would like to see in your life. Listen to inspirational people and learn from them.

9: Help Others From The Heart.

Helping others doesn’t mean lending money or donating more money to charity. This is not always the solution. Wouldn’t you rather prefer to learn how to fish rather than receiving one fish? Simply do unto others as you would have others do to you.

You attract what you are, what you think, what you do, what you feel.

10: Give Thanks For Good And Bad.

Every day I remind myself this simple affirmation: I am truly blessed to have had painful experiences that brought me down because without them I would have never grown.

Learn to accept the bad as much as we welcome the good and be thankful for both in equal measure.