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10 commandments / business insider

Every time the words business is hard and business is not for everyone hit my ears, it just makes me what more. More challenges more fun more money and more expectations from myself.
I am telling you: your business is like your life, just a projection of yourself in a financial world. Think about it…
The challenge is to make it fun, to learn every day and to enjoy the ups and downs that come with… Naturally.
Life is like a pattern, once you understand it you can set your own rules.

The rules to follow are:

1. What goes up must come down.
you will have to experience the ups and downs. The same as the change of seasons, you cannot stop them. Accept it and embrace it. Enjoy

2. Perception > projection.
(Or what you think is what you project)
you will have better chances to succeed if you believe in your goals.

3. Even the biggest and most trained predators animals in the world have a 50% chances of losing the prey.
You will often fail. You will also win.

4. The only Sure thing in this world is that Everything moves.
You need to adapt your business needs according to the market needs. Be aware of what’s already out there.

5. Punctuality is the politeness of Kings.
There is no time to lose. In business, time is more important than money. Don’t be late! Never

6. You deserve what you have.
Everything happens for a reason and you are the channel for all reasons.

7. Do what really makes you happy.

8. Keep your promises always. Keep the deadline, keep your word.

9. Do not give up, thrive and dream big.

10. Find happiness and joy in helping others. What goes around comes around. Help and you will find help. Do it with an open heart and be true to yourself.