Inspired by Egyptian labyrinths, the luxury Keia handle and door knob collection is one of our iconic pieces. The special antique brass finish and the quality of the craftsmen is close to perfection. Available in 2 sizes, the product is designed to add value to a simple basic unit, and to bring it to the standard of a luxury art piece.The material used can be either solid brass or stainless steel.

The statement handles are inspired by the iconic London look and they are designed to add value to the interiors they belong to. Our furniture handles and knobs will always be seen as precious jewellery for wardrobes, cabinets and fitted furniture.


Size       large / small – Bespoke sizes available


 polished brass
 antique brass
 brushed brass
polished stainless steel
 brushed stainless steel


 medium brass – NEW

 dark brass – NEW

 bronze – NEW

Goodwyn London – luxury handles