3 Rules found in Patterns

Most of the time a design is not just about shape size and color, there is another factor that contributes to the complete result and that is THE PATTERNS.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a pattern stand out? Why some patterns are more popular than others and what is the inspiration behind the big brands?
Some time ago I found out that life itself is a pattern and once you understand how that works then you just need to apply and play, bed and change the rules as you please. Knowing is the most important thing and this is what is setting us free. Knowledge is everything and once you understand the world you live in you will see patterns differently and use them to serve your purpose.

Find your inspiration in math. I used to hate math, but today I go back to find the beauty within. The geometrical shapes that surround us, the art that stays behind a simple shape, once again proves that idea that less is more. I also learn how to approach things that I dislike and to understand what is the reason that I feel the way that I feel. Strangely … you know what I found? I found that the things I don’t like are the things I don’t understand.

After so many years I found a calling for basic shapes, symmetry and numbers. I understand symmetry I use it and then I break it. I found few principles of patterns that I would like to share.

First principle is REPETITION.
We commonly find that repetition works. When you are a baby and you need to learn how to read you always needed to repeat to learn and to assimilate the information.
“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” Hermes Trismegistus
I strongly recommend you watch ‘The Pyramid code’. This will explain what ‘as above so below’ really means. You can search it on YouTube.
In life, as in marketing repetition is everything. Music that you often hear it will be familiar at some point. A food that you always eat you will soon learn how to like it. What your eyes see most frequently, that is what you will want to have, to buy to consume.
I just now understand what is the reason of doing research. You see so many things that have been made already, your eyes get used to that and your brain finds a way to replicate it. Even if you don’t deliberately think at a specific image your subcontinent mind will always create for you.

Second principle is symmetry.

This is present everywhere, from a leaf to looking in the mirror. Symmetry is always there. All of us we fall in love with symmetry without even knowing. Look at your partner or your pet. I can bet that you have some symmetry there.

If this is the case why should we not use this as a strategy in our creations, in our sales technique, 80% of the people will like it.

Third principle is proportion.
The sequence golden ratio is a perfect example for understanding how we can find a perfect proportion. Found in nature, and always offering a perfect pattern, plants can grow new cells in spirals, offering a pattern of seeds. This will keep on growing after forming a turn and then a new cell and a new turn. The spiral happens naturally because each new cell is formed after a turn.
Proportion can be found in the human body also and you can always find inspiration by only looking at the proportions that are literally in your hand.

Some days ago I was designing a new furniture jewelry and I was playing with simple shapes, symmetry and proportions. I then find out that the biggest brands use the same principles in pattern design because the human body is used to accepting and finding similarities in things that they already know, in principles that surround us.
We buy what we are used to, we are attracted to things that we already know. We will always find more comfort in a balanced space,symmetric layout, an organic structure and flow of the space.

I find that shapes and patterns are essential in our creations, it doesn’t matter if it is a pattern of life determined by time or just a visual pattern determined by the image perceived by the eye.

Build your pattern by having a strong knowledge of history. London is a great city if you want to learn about culture, nations and design. The freedom of choice is what makes this city so special. To survive here is to learn every day, to get better and better day after day, project after project.

So next time when you design or think about a pattern that you want to use in your design remember the reasons behind the action.

Know that every week you research at least one hour per day, know that something soon is about to happen,  know that the seed will grow and it is guaranteed that after seeding great ideas, they will blossom.

Patterns are everywhere and it is our choice if we try to see them or not but I believe that information is  everyting and as long as you are aware of what surround you, you will be always one step aheed.